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Installation, Take Down & Maintenance Services

Total Services in the Vancouver Area  will be conducted by our
Subcontractors   Stan and Krzys of


Canvasea Interiors Inc.


950 Seaborne Ave Unit 2120, Port Coquitlam, BC V3B 0R9


Please see the Form Links Above.

​Repairs & Maintenance Services:
Repairs and other maintenance services are only available from March 1st to the end of June. Please schedule your required services accordingly and Repair & Service Requests form above.
Services & Subscription Packages:
If you are interested in our service plans please fill out one of the forms above .
You can order our full service plan which includes a take down, storage and an installation and is billed annually. Plus we include a complimentary tune up for all full service plans.

We will email you an invoice for the requested service along with payment instructions. Full payment is required before any services start.


We require at least a 2 week work window for all services. This means that when you fill out the request form the Start Date is the earliest date possible for the service to occur or at the least 2 weeks before the Due Date. The Due Date is the latest date you need the service to be completed by.


We request that you please give us a 2-4 weeks heads up for services by filling out the form 2-4 weeks before the start date that you request on the form so that we can better pool orders.


By paying for a services you agree to our terms of contract.

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