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Q: What does all season cover mean?

A:  It means you can use the cover in the winter, spring, summer and fall. But we recommend in order to increase the longevity of the cover by 50%, that you don't use the cover during the months of May to the end of September since the UV-rays are the strongest then. 

Q:  Have you ever built a cover for my boat? If you haven't made one before, how will you create a pattern?
A:  Every cover is custom made, that means if your boat is accessible here in the Pacific Northwest (Vancouver, Victoria, Nanaimo, B.C. ) that I will measure and make a pattern of your boat. US Customers have to make the boat accessible in BC Canada.

Q: Can you make a cover for me if I am not in the Pacific Northwest Area?
A: I can only make a cover for you, if I can measure a sister ship (same Model perhaps same year build) here in my area. I would also need some photos of your boat to accommodate installations such as a GPS antenna, BBQ or Life ring on your reeling etc.

Q:  Can you describe the cover construction details?  I.E. use of zippers, Velcro  ties, snaps, reinforcement patches, vents, access openings, length of cover around hull, etc.
A:  The Cover will be 2 (< 35' ) 3 parts (> 40')  4 parts (>55') 5 Parts (>70') or 6 parts ( >85') zippered together at the mast and if 3 parts at the end of the boom, then there will be zippers or Velcro cut outs around each shroud, fore-stay and back-stays.  The cover will hang over the Stanchions approximately 5 feet or less if it already touches the water or more if over 50ft LOA . Every stanchion area has a vinyl patch and a tie down with buckle snap and another tie down between each stanchion.

Where needed the cover is supported by adjustable galvanized steel posts.

Q:  What material would you be using for the cover and what colour options are available?
A: The Fabric used is a  solution dyed Polyester. Regular colour options include silver grey  medium grey, charcoal, and dark blue, beige, white  etc. There may be other colours available depending on current stock.

Q:  Do you accept credit cards for payment?
A: Yes we accept Visa or Mastercard. Credit card payments are processed through "Peoples Trust Payment Solutions"either through us , please phone our office to give us your credit card information for processing or online on our Webpage by you . We also except cheques. 

Q: Why don't you use Sunbrella or other acrylic fabrics ?
A:  Sunbrella is a great marine fabric for a lot of other applications, but for a winter cover this very expensive fabric is not good in defending your boat against the constant attack of heavy rains and sometime snow, the chemical which results in the water repellency has to be reapplied and further this fabric is not very good at abrasion which happens quite often since we have severe winter storms. The fabric I use is a very strong threaded solution dyed polyester  which is not coated ergo it is very breathable .It is by now the gold standard worldwide for Total Covers.

Q: How is the cover supported without using snow load frames?
A: Covers for a sailboat can be used without any additional support besides the boom and in the forward part there is a loop to attach the Spinnaker halyard sewn in. Some powerboats don't need any additional support and others need supporting. Any support posts needed will be supplied with the cover.

Q: How is the cover secured?
A: There is at least one strap with a buckle at each stanchion and one in between to secure the cover. To secure the rest of the cover there is a Drawstring in the hem around the whole boat and some additional loops to run 1 or 2 lines underneath the boat if it is moored in very wind exposed areas.

Q: Why do you not use Sandbags?
A: Sandbags are old fashioned and heavy and my unique cover construction doesn't require sandbags. Several Boatcovers have now withstood winds up 130 KM/h without any damage.

Q: How do you vent the cover?
A: Beside the breathable fabric we do not use any vents or openings , but be advised that the breathable fabric only works when there is a difference in temperature to the outside, you might have to use a heater on the inside to create this temperature difference. 

Q: How long does it take to install? 
A: Lets use an example. A 40 foot power boat after some training (about 5 times) with 2 people will take 45 minutes to install.

Q: How long to take it down?
A: About 20 minutes. 

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