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Since 2 years due to policy changes of the big fabric mills in the USA is the availability of Fabric style and colour not always guaranteed and we sometimes have to switch to another colour or another style. But be assured that will not change the usability or longlivety of the cover .

 Darker colours sometimes last longer than the lighter fabrics due to the fact that there is more pigment in the colour. But be aware the Navy , Black or Slate  are so dark that you need a light in order to see on the boat when the cover is on. So if you want to work on the boat a medium or light colour is better. 

Here are the fabrics we use at present.

WeatherMax 80


  • ​Weight - 8 oz

  • Woven Satura Max Fiber , no coating 

  • Breathable, this refers to the ability of the fabric to transfer water from the inside out ,but only if there is a force at work, Sunshine or an artificial source of heat which raises the temperature on the inside of the cover compared to the outside.

  • Durable, high tear strength. However watch for abrasive to other fabrics especially avoid direct contact to Sunbrella products. (in most cases there is a chafe protection sewn into the cover).

  • Waterproof /Water-resistant fabric. The seams in the cover may leak for some time till dirt has filled up into the needle holes. Also sometimes in very heavy Rain there can be some leakage due to the so called Spray through effect. This is because there is no PU coating on the fabric which on the other side makes it more breathable.

  • There is a  DWR (Durable Water Repellent) coating applied to boath sides which makes the water pearl off , this will fade over time and can be reapplied. This has nothing to do with the water resistance of the fabric. Further to avoid mildue buildup there is also a antifungizide applied


  • Silver Grey 

    • Best choice if you want to work or live on the boat with the cover on.

    • Dirt is less visible on grey tones.

  • White

    • Is required by some Marinas. Check with your marina if they have colour requirements.

  • Beige        ​

  • Taupe  or  grey

    • Dirt is less visible on grey tones.

  • Lt Charcoal or medium grey

    • Dirt is less visible on grey tones.

  • Charcoal / Slate   dark grey

  • Navyblue

  • Black 



Click this link to learn more about     Weather Max

This fabric has a 5 year limited warranty from the manufacturer


Colour Samples

Click image to expand.

600 Denier Solution Dyed Polyester Surlast 
By Glen Raven​

Weight - 8 oz

600 Dennier solution Dyed 

with a PU coating on the inside 


  • Silver / Grey

  • Dark Blue

  • Charcoal

This fabric has a 3 year limited warranty from the manufacturer 


TG 1s     

Weight - 9 oz

TG 1S is a one sided acrylic coated 100% woven polyester fabric. It is characterized by excellent strength, durability, tear and abrasion resistance, dimensional stability, & UV and mildew resistance. Because TG 1S has no pigmentation on the underside, color rub is near impossible. TG 1S can be used for many outdoor applications such as marine tops, trailer covers, bimini tops,  canopies, tarps and many other useful applications.


  •  Grey

  • Beige

This fabric has a 5 year limited warranty from the manufacturer



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